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C.R & S. CAMAS 1982

Since childhood Marino Maspero comes into the world of upholstery and in 1982 he founded Camas; shortly after the young Bruno Maspero comes, now owner of Camas with his brother. The entrance into this new world bring them to continual and innovative bets; the experience and the constant relate with clients and colleagues in the industry has meant that they became designers of some of the leading products of the company.

Endowed with great perspicacity and great passion for stuffing, they stood out in the furniture scene thanks to a business philosophy aimed at achieving an important objective: to create padded quality craftsmanship, handed down from master upholsterers, with the aim to make unique products combining the simple manual work a trade with a strong artistic sense.

The quality and excellence are the heart of production, which are characterized by a classy design that best express the charm and elegance of every single product. This attitude is recognizable in the various projects and in their method of work, and is supported by the vast international market Camas won over its business growth by offering products recognized and appreciated around the world.