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Guide to Edging

Embroidered border

Here at the side and below are some examples of the many availabilities that Camas offers in the field of Embroidered Borders and Trimmings for the finishing of its upholstery.

The trimming border is a textile decoration used exclusively on fabrics, in its many varieties of colors.


The tacks are nothing more than lists of nails finished in n. 4 versions:

  • Nickel plated
  • Antique Gold
  • Shiny Gold
  • Gradient

They are used exclusively for the edging of the upholstered shell; the leather-studded contrast is appreciable.


The cord is an element of trimmings suitable for cushions and where possible for the edges of the various upholstered items. Existing in various diameters on the market, it has numerous varieties of coloring both in the polished and normal version

Textile Profile

The textile profile is a rope profile of different diameters according to the needs, covered with fabric or leather, used both for the various cushions and for the edges of the body.

There is the possibility for the customer to give space to their creativity by using a different color profile than the fabric used for the upholstery; otherwise the same fabric is used for the entire upholstery.